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Comparison between Metal Staples and the Bio-Anchor

A one-acre area is specified to have a device to hold down the Erosion Control Blanket every 2 feet horizontally and 3 feet vertically. 9920 devices are required to meet the specification.


Metal Staple

  1. 11 Gage diameter (.119”), 6” in length with a 1” crown. Weight is 45 lbs. /1000, or 446 lbs./Acre.
  2. Cost is .04/Each


  1. .190” diameter, 3” in length with a .880” X 1.36”Head. Weight is 14 lbs./1000, or 139 lbs./Acre.
  2. Cost is .08/Each

Comparisons on one acre of land

  Metal Staple Bio-Anchor
Weight: 446 Lbs. 139 Lbs.
Cost: $396.80 $793.60


Based on the above information the cost of the Bio-Anchor would be $396.80/Acre of application more than the Metal Staples. Further facts to consider would be the weight of the Metal Staples versus the Bio-Anchor. The Bio-Anchor weighs 69% less than the Metal Staples, so lifting injuries during installation may be reduced. The Bio Anchor material is Biodegradable and is produced from corn. Depending on the weather conditions, the Bio Anchor will degrade in about two years. In the application, 446 lbs. of metal would be put on one acre of earth. The Metal Staples will remain in the soil indefinitely and will leach into the ground. As the area is prone to erosion, the 11-gage wire may protrude out of the ground causing possible injury or equipment damage.

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